i realized it had been a long time since i’d written anything on here, so this morningi i sat down at kevin’s computer and started to write something but then i had to rush away so there’s a title dangling there on that computer, and i should shut that computer off anyway because he’s gone till sunday and what if lightning strikes it and then it’s MY FAULT that his computer got lightning-bolted.

right after he left this morning, headed for mississippi for yet another civil war activity, i was out on the deck trying to prop up this light pole with two big plant hangers hanging off of it, and the twistie thing i was using to attach the pole to the deck suddenly snapped and the pole fell again and at that very moment winston the cat was MEOWING at me like crazy and i looked up and there he was on the roof.

how did he get up there? and why?  amy, who was next door furiously planting and re-potting her plants, said he’d been on the ground only moments prior to that, so he wasn’t chased up a tree by anybody…maybe he just felt like being up high.

but he was clearly blaming me for him being up there, and he wanted me to do something about it RIGHT NOW.

so i got the big ladder that was next to the garage and propped it up and carefully climbed up and winnie DID NOT WANT TO BE PICKED UP but he also WANTED TO BE OFF THE ROOF RIGHT NOW, so i scooped him up and very VERY carefully climbed down the ladder with the giant cat in one hand and the other hand clutching the ladder and somehow we both made it safely to the ground.

that’s all the pet animal incidents i’ve had thus far, but since this one happened only 15 minutes after kevin left i was kind of leery about how the day would go.

it went fine except it’s now after 11 and i wish i was lying in bed right now.

last night i helped kevin make 200 bullets.  not quite 200 – he had already made about 50 of them.  not actual bullets, but blanks, for the battles he’d be fighting in mississippi.

the battle of brice’s crossroads, and the battle of tupulo, both of which the confederates won, even though they were outnumbered.  they weren’t grossly outnumbered, though, not like the union reenactors.

there are 43 union reenactors at the event.  and FORTY FIVE HUNDRED confederates.

somebody should tell the confederates that THEIR SIDE LOST.

also kevin doesn’t think i should have any worries that maybe one of these confederates might shoot a real bullet instead of a dummy.

so they’re not crazy?  hmm, it’s just hard to believe that with that many guys dressed up as confederate soldiers AND THEY LOST THE ACTUAL CIVIL WAR running around with guns, that one of them wouldn’t be crazy.

but i’m hoping they’re not.

their first battle reenactment is at FOUR A.M. TOMORROW.

oh boy.

how will they reenact in the dark?

making blank bullets is a little bit time-consuming, and since kevin waited till last night to make most of them, i felt that he really really needed some help.  it involves wrapping a piece of paper around a dowel, and then crimping the end, tearing off a one-half sheet of toilet paper and folding it over and over again and wadding it up in a ball and stuffing it down the tube you’ve created, and then pouring black powder over that and then pressing the open end shut and folding it down and stuffing it in on itself and creating this little origami creation…

i should have a video so you can see what i mean.

but hopefully i won’t be assisting with the making of 150 more bullets anytime soon.

kevin also makes actual, real bullets using lead he got from a guy who works at a place that does roofing and so they have lots of leftover lead from roofs.


i will make no bullets this weekend.

this was all just going to be a preface to what i actually wanted to write about right now, but now it’s too late and i’m too tired and i can’t exactly remember the critical thing i wanted to write anyway which leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all that critical after all.

tomorrow is going to also be busy.  followed by a busy saturday.

i also had many important things to write in the middle of the night last night, but i didn’t have the energy to actually get out of bed to write.  i could have the computer right next to the bed, and since kevin is gone i could have the computer right there on the bed, but then mollie wouldn’t have enough room to sleep.

she needs lots of room to spread out.

i’m going to sleep now.

tomorrow, i hear, is friday.

ok then,

mrs. grace hughes.