that it’s not 2 degrees outside and feels like -7.

i’ve avoided going out into the icy icyness for most of the weekend, except last night with taking the puppy outside who didn’t want to come back in debacle, plus taking her out a couple more times today.

but tomorrow…driving on ice.  they say the roads are pretty ok, but parking lots, not.  i have to go to work in the morning, and i just heard that my friend  nan’s car was slid into by a hit and run driver in our icy parking lot on saturday morning.  they can’t do anything about the driveways now because the salt doesn’t work when it’s this cold.

so not looking forward to that.

i guess i’ve just been avoiding the whole icy thing by not thinking about it.  but now that i am thinking about it, i have to go out at least a couple of different times, maybe even a third.

good grief.

is it spring yet?

also, i haven’t wrapped any presents yet, but i guess there’s no point putting any of them under the tree this year, is there?  they’ll have to be stacked somewhere that’s taller than the puppy.

ok then, let’s all go to florida,