up since around two in the morning.

finally decided to get up and work on my new banner.  i started it, well, i guess it would be yesterday morning, cause now we’re having sunday, all day.

we’re having a Celebration of Life for dad on saturday, june 8th, here at our house, from 2-6.  please come if you like.

so that’s seven days from now.  i’ve been freaking out slightly about all the stuff that i hope to accomplish before then.  when kevin and i got married, right here in 2006, when dad and mom lived here, at first dad wasn’t keen on the idea of us having the wedding in the back yard.

but then he totally got on board, and went to tremendous effort to make the place look dazzling.  the whole yard looked great, plus he built a path on the side of the house just so people could walk on carpet instead of mud – amy and jim had just moved in and the grass hadn’t been planted yet, so things were a little muddy along the side of the house.

he also got us a nice little pergola, is that what you call it?  a thing with big bells and lights and bows and flowers on it.  it was very lovely and festive.

he did so much decorating, and then, dressed in his tux and his white gloves, he stood at the front of the house, ushering people to the back yard.

my dad was a class act.  i just want the place to look good for him.

ok then,