Wed. afternoon, Feb. 19th, we made it to the beach a half-hour earlier than the day before, at about ten til five. More time to relax/walk on the beach before the sun set.

more ibis.

Ibis plus a gull! Today I brought a big ziploc bag for picking up shells, plus another bag to double-bag.

After i got done walking, there was mom, happily playing solitaire on her ipad. This afternoon we rented beach recliners, much better than just lying on the sand. The rental guy gave us a discount because it was so late in the day.

Here’s a short video – it’s funny that I say that i don’t know what they are because i’m pretty sure Jim had already texted me that they’re Ibis.

I also commented on the crowd but it wasn’t much of a crowd at all. I took somebody’s picture and then they reciprocated.

big cheap cocktails on the beach!

I was wearing one of the bathing suits I got for our honeymoon. So yeah, a very old swimming suit. but it continues to be in good condition, probably because i don’t get a chance to wear it very often.

here’s a hungry and irritated gull hoping i’d just give him some food already.

Here’s where we parked again on 8th Avenue, the only secret street with two-hour free parking plus no enforcement after six. you might just barely be able to glimpse the sign for the “grace” restaurant there on the left. But maybe not.

I really love this beach. it’d be nice to stay in one of the places right across the street. there were quite a few hotels and i bet there are rental houses, too.

we had to go back to our cute little house and pack up, because on thursday we were going to check out and stay in Tampa. We had leftovers for dinner, because we didn’t need to eat out for every single meal…

ok then,

mrs. h.