i’m sitting here with the computer on my lap, hoping that the heat from the laptop will make my leg muscles feel less sore. so far it’s not working so great, but the kitty honey seems to be enjoying sitting close to me because i’m wearing my big fluffy pink robe. she was purring like crazy, but when i tried to pet her of course she started gnawing on my hand. because that’s what she’s like. at least she’s not outside killing any small animals.

anyway, so we were in Pochlarn on a september sunday and we rode our bikes through the town looking for a place to get something to drink. we found a little outdoor cafe, which was almost deserted. kevin took this photo of the town square, which was completely deserted.

pochlarn square

here’s where the big ferry boats docked.

pochlarn again

or maybe that’s where the big river cruise boats docked. there was never a boat docked at any of these docks along the river.

we passed a ruined castle, and i’ve been studying the map, trying to figure out what it might have been. i think maybe it was the “romantic ruin at Weitenegg,” but i guess i could probably just make up any name at all and you wouldn’t know the difference, would you? but i looked at the time that this photo was taken and compared it to the time that ones before and after it were taken and i’m pretty sure this is weitenegg. in case you were wondering.


once we got into the town of melk we fumbled around trying to figure out how to get up to the abbey. we studied the map, we watched other cyclists, and we finally found a place to park our bikes.

this is the narrow little street we marched up to get to the abbey.


here it is, the very impressive MELK ABBEY. there’s an 8×10 of that right here above the couch. it’s amazing that the sky was so very very blue that day. it looks like a photo in a travel book, and looks just like photos that were for sale at the abbey’s gift shop.

the abbey

another view of the abbey, taken from inside.

abbey from inside

and here’s a view of the river from the abbey.

river from abbey

another postcard-like shot.


we walked through the museum, which had a bunch of artifacts as well as a whole lot of tourists. we headed for the library, which was beautiful. my, those monks had a lot of money. wait till you see the church part.



i’m not sure what the historical significance of this document is; maybe kevin knows, since he took the picture.



and the church itself. photos really can’t do it justice; we’d have needed a wider-angle lens.


church 2


final church

the view from outside the church.

view from church

after touring around inside we walked around the grounds for a bit, but they weren’t nearly as lavish as the interior and the facade of the abbey itself.

more photos soon.

ok then,


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