i woke up this morning feeling very energized and wanting to GET STUFF DONE. i even made a list of things. but so far it’s ALMOST NOON and i haven’t made any headway on any of the many things. but i’m working on it. i promise.

kevin went out in the van all by himself this morning, and he made it home alive. whew. this was his first solo outing in almost two weeks. he’s not taking as much vicodin and i feel he’s going to be getting much better soon. which is very good, and also means we’ll get to go to some movies. we haven’t seen any of the academy award nominated films, nor any of the people nominated for awards, no movies at all hardly. not that i have a desire to see the many serious & depressing movie choices that seem to be out there right now.

more photos of austria! because i’m so very very close to the end of the photos…we were last at the hofburg palace, touring the silver room, which was FANTASTIC. we then visited the royal apartments, which weren’t as interesting. and then there was the music museum and the armour musuem, but we only had an hour left to visit both of these, so we didn’t see the armour. the music museum was incredible, and it was a shame that we had to mostly sprint through it. it was stuffed with incredible, one-of-a-kind instruments, some of which had accompanying music that you could listen to in headphones. why have we no photos of any of those instruments? i guess kevin was hurrying to see everything so he had no time for photos.

after the museums we started walking around, and i wanted to see the secession building, and kevin took photos of it even though it was quickly getting dark outside.

secession building

we went in, and it was open late on thursdays so we got to see klimt’s beethoven frieze. here’s a tiny little picture of a segment of the frieze that i found online (again, WHY NO PHOTOS FROM KEVIN???)


We then went upstairs in the museum and saw some VERY AWFUL modern art. stuff like a plate with a few pieces of sliced apple on it, and a string hanging down from the ceiling.

then again, maybe that was supposed to be snacks. but i didn’t eat it. didn’t want to get kicked out of the secession building.

kevin and i walked around making coments about the incredible lameness of the exhibit, and then we realized that the artist was right there, along with a group of people hanging onto his every highly-over-inflated-ego word. they were all blocking the stairs to get out of the place, but we were finally able to break free.

across the street was the karlsplatz train station, designed by otto wagner. a long time ago, before going to austria, i posted a couple of photos i’d found online of the station. here’s a photo taken by kevin.


this part of the old station is now a little snack shop. across from it is the second building.

karlsplatz 2

at this point we were much too tired to see anything else, so we had dinner in a great little restaurant and called it a day.

so there was only ONE MORE DAY left for seeing the many many more things i wanted to see.

right now it’s 37 degrees there in vienna. it would be nice to be there, except maybe a little chilly to be biking along the danube.

ok already,

wednesday grace.