i spent most of yesterday sprinting from one activity to another, rushing rushing rushing all the livelong day.

after all the activity, last night we went to randy’s house to watch the country music awards.

ok, i really had no desire to see the country music awards, but we were celebrating BEV’S BIRTHDAY, which was monday. i baked a chocolate cake for the occasion. to make it more festive i added orange and black halloween sprinkles to the top, plus some of the gold dragees that i got for my wedding cake over a year ago. luckily, gold dragees never ever spoil. a while back my dad made cupcakes for some event and he loaded them with sprinkles. so i’m starting to realize that a penchant for sprinkles clearly is an inherited trait.

randy had made a VERY VERY DELICIOUS pork roast and i was eating it while watching the country music awards and continued to wonder who all these singers were exactly, when i suddenly realized that THE BACK OF ONE OF MY TEETH WAS MISSING.



the upside is that i suddenly stopped eating, instead of eating way too much.


i’ve frequently had the dream that my teeth are falling out or shattering. also, some of them are actually loose, two dentists have verified this, so naturally i’m kind of panicky about my teeth.

so when i realized that the back of the tooth had broken off i tried to figure out if this was REALLY A NIGHTMARE, or reality. everything else about the evening seemed normal except that where there had once been a smooth tooth was now a HORRIBLE JAGGED PIECE OF JAGGEDNESS.

bev looked at the tooth and assured me that this happens to people and it can be fixed and not to worry or PANIC UNNECESSARILY. she said this exact thing had happened to her, the tooth broke off from the filling.

i was so freaked out about the possibility of ROOTS BEING EXPOSED that i didn’t even have one single bite of the cake i’d brought.

CHOCOLATE, cake, mind you. with very very delicious CHOCOLATE FROSTING.

this morning i called my dentist but they said they couldn’t see me till NEXT WEDNESDAY. i knew that if i had to obsessively rub my tongue over this JAGGED MESS for a whole week that i’d be crazy by then. kevin called his dentist, and by some miracle he was able to see me right then. well, in about half an hour, after i’d had a chance to throw on some clothes.

and now it’s all better and not only that, but kevin’s dentist seems to think that there’s a way to make my teeth STOP WRIGGLING. very exciting.

it’s funny – last night at fencing, before my tooth trauma, this very cute little girl was showing me that she’d lost one of her front teeth and she was so delighted about it, and another of her teeth is loose. of course i wanted to tell her WAIT TILL YOU GROW UP, KID, ALL KINDS OF BAD THINGS COULD HAPPEN TO THOSE TEETH. AND YOU SURE AS HELL WON’T BE GRINNING LIKE THAT IF THEY’RE LOOSE!

but i didn’t want to freak her out, so instead i expressed joy at the fact that she got a whole dollar for her tooth. her grandma sent her a dollar plus she got a dollar from the tooth fairy, so she had TWO WHOLE DOLLARS, she said to me, her already huge eyes as big as saucers. oh, to be seven again.

things are much calmer tonight.

here’s one more photo from the little town of grein. kevin saw this car parked when were out for an evening walk. i can’t remember what kind he said it was, but he was very excited about it.


the next morning we got up and took the ferry that was right there in the town across the river. the ride was very very pretty. i’m doing my best to not post ALL the millions of great pictures that kevin took.

he took this one from the ferry – that’s grein across the way.

grein in the distance

here’s just another beautiful spot along the way. i want to blow these photos up so they’re really huge and hang them on our walls. i’ve printed a few 8×10, but they just don’t seem big enough.

view again

this is what the woods looked like along the path.


we passed a pumpkin field.


here’s me outside a museum in Pochlarn. i can’t recall what they had at this museum. we only stopped here so i could use the bathroom. the woman inside the museum was very nice about the fact that i had no desire to look around at all.


ok, never mind about that, i just checked the photo and the building says OSKAR KOKOSCHKA HOUSE in huge letters there in front, so it wasn’t a museum after all. the guidebook says that it has rotating exhibits presented in the artist’s birthplace. oh. my question is then, why was he born in a museum?

theoretically i’m just going to take a little break now in order to upload a few more photos, but if somehow i get distracted, well, i guess there will be photos at some point but maybe not right now. but you never know. our destination on that day, it was sunday, was the very very famous MELK ABBEY, a spectacularly photogenic place.

ok ok ok,

thursday night grace.

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