that’s a “borat” inside joke.

cloudy cloudy cloudy all day long. it seemed SO COLD and i wore my great big winter coat and a hat and gloves. but then tonight, for some reason, it didn’t seem so cold and i took mollie for a walk which she was VERY EXCITED ABOUT. and then she was VERY EXCITED AGAIN when i came home and made myself some dinner, and of course i had to give her some because she’s one of the best beggers i know.

kevin alleges that he saw snow coming down at 4 in the morning last night, when he tried to go work out but then realized that the fit club doesn’t open till 5 on monday morning. i guess snow is ok if it happens in the middle of the night and is COMPLETELY GONE by the time i get up.

christmas, christmas, everywhere, at least on tv ads. i watched a show tonight, “studio 60 on the sunset strip” and it’s kind of good, good enough that i’ve watched it almost three times now. i haven’t watched anything else that many times this year. it just doesn’t feel like christmas could be approaching.

oh, and i’m going to be performing at first night again. sadly, this year i’m going to be at the lincoln library, the public one with all the books NOT about abraham lincoln. in the carnegie room, a pretty small and not well-lit room, that is to say, flourescent lighting, yuck. they’re putting all the comics there, for some reason. one of the performances in the big beautiful theater one at the hoogland will be MIMES. i’m being kicked out because of MIMES. TWO PERFORMANCES of mimes.

i didn’t realize that mimes were that popular.

one other slight problem is that i can’t think of what i’ll possibly talk about. but on the other hand last year i managed to put together a show despite being incredibly, INCREDIBLY depressed for most of the fall. so now that i’m happy perhaps i’ll be able to think of some amusing anecdotes, we’ll see. i guess i need to start thinking about it pretty soon.

coming right up.

i briefly toyed with the idea of wearing my wedding dress for this show, because i imagine i’ll talk about the wedding a bit. but then i thought I CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE OF TRYING TO ZIP UP THAT DAMN DRESS AGAIN. at least not right now. maybe for the next show…

because it would be awfully funny, i think, to wear the dress for a show. because i’d be funny AND i’d look like a princess!

i wish hillary clinton wasn’t so gung-ho about running for president. also today it seemed like a bunch of other people are revving up to run. guys who’ve run before; can’t they take the hint the first time? barak obama should win, that’s all i’m saying.

randy suggested that i could talk about politics in my show. this seems like a fairly horrible idea. to me, personally.

i wish i had a photo to put up here tonight, but i don’t. because suddenly and without any warning it’s almost 11:30 and of course time has managed to slip away from me YET AGAIN.

goodnight all.

ok then,

grace (hughes)