ZOOM, it went speeding by, and now it’s 11:31 and i was going to be in bed by…oh, you know the story. earlier. got caught up in stuff. etc etc.

tonight i suddenly thought, how many people who are getting married in six weeks spent their weekend making a practice cake and then decorating wine bottles?

ok, here’s the thing – when i lived in LA, my apartment was fairly close to the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. i didn’t walk up to the boulevard that much, but when i did it was cool because there are all these totally iconic places there like clubs like the whiskey and the rainbow room and the viper room, outside of which one of those phoenix boys died. plus there are lots and lots of trendy fancy shops and restaurants and one time i remember driving by and kato kalin was sitting outside at a restaurant. gee, do you remember kato kalin?

so i went into the House of Blues one night, as i was walking by. (i actually saw a couple of performances there, too – tito puente, and the blues singer keb ’mo). in the gift shop were these painted wine and alcohol bottles, and they were called voodoo bottles and they had lots of glitter on them and i loved them a lot.

so i went home and got wine bottles and started painting wine bottles and painting wine bottles some more and i just kept doing it, it’s like i was posessed. at one point i attempted to sell them, but of course i never ever sell anything i create, but i kept painting them anyway because i liked it.

anyway, i’m (probably) wearing this pink dress for the wedding, and i have this one bottle that i painted that i really love. it’s pink, with purple and gold and teal and white on it, and it reminds me of mardi gras (i’ve never actually been to mardi gras) and i decided these should be my wedding colors.

and then i decided i should paint a bunch of wine bottles like these bottles, and put some flowers in them and use them for wedding centerpieces.

i promise i’ll take a photo of the bottles. tomorrow. maybe the next day.

anyway, so i have 11 bottles now and i’ve painted a base coat on them and they’re in various stages of done-ness. actually, only one so far is nearly done. but i haven’t put any glitter on it yet.

i figure i’m going to have to make about 23 or so bottles. must drink more wine.

today when taking a walk, i thought, maybe i shouldn’t spend so much time on each bottle, maybe i should make them more plain, since they’re just going to be for the reception anyway and they take quite a bit of time.

but you know i don’t listen to myself so much.

one bottle done, pretty much, except for the glitter. 22 to go.

meanwhile, i haven’t given much though to my list of WEDDING THINGS TO DO, except i revised the list so it looks much neater now.

everybody keeps saying “it’ll be fine, it’ll be beautiful.” in theory this is a sweet and lovely and EASY FOR YOU TO SAY sentiment.

i have to think about things like maybe finding a new DJ because i think ours has bailed. i have to…oh, let’s just say i have to do a bunch of stuff.

but right now i’m going to read at least a page or two of “in a sunburned country” and then i’m going to GO TO SLEEP.

i hope your monday is not just bearable, but actually GOOD. somehow. maybe you’re on vacation.

ok ok ok,

six weeks and counting and what, exactly, happened to seven weeks? grace.