i have thought about myself in all kinds of ways, but i’ve always considered myself to be, at least, healthy.

but i’m in the middle of a cold, after having bronchitis a month ago, and now i’m thinking if this is just how it’s going to be, getting sick more and more often.  discouraging.

the good new is that this doesn’t seem to be turning into bronchitis, but it started last friday and it continues to go on.  amy keeps lecturing me to DO NOTHING AT ALL, and yesterday i worked a few times and coughed my head off.

trying to rest today.  irritating.

on a sunnier note…here’s the first part of a nice walk that les and i took in the back yard last month.

first, the beavers continue to happily destroy all of the big lilacs down at the water.

it was quite waarm this day, and les enjoyed sitting down on a rock, hoping for some leaves to blow his way.


because it was so warm, it was also foggy.  beautiful.

les, hidden under the old canoe.


he didn’t stay under there for long, though.

at this point we’d been out for about a half hour and i was ready to go inside, but les had other ideas entirely.

more on that later.

ok then,

mrs. continuing to cough hughes.