and i got up relatively early to get to work on my list of stuff to do before our party next week.  but so far i’ve mostly been sitting down.

this morning i was kind of annoyed because all my e-mail messages were missing from my inbox.  turns out they all migrated over to mozilla thunderbird.  at least they’re not gone, except now if i need to look up some old VERY VERY IMPORTANT e-mail, i have to open mozilla.  this is all because i wanted to archive my many old e-mails from my very old AOL account.  this did work, but then it started scooping up the comcast e-mails, which i’ve now put a stop to.

but the thing is, that even though it was kind of annoying, it didn’t really matter in the spectrum of things.  right now shadow is lying down on the chair next to me and i have to keep stop typing to pet him.

you may recall that almost five weeks ago, the vet thought it might be a good idea to put shadow to sleep.  he bounced back, though, and was eating a lot and frolicking and happy.  but for the last few days things don’t seem  so good. so we’re basically now just trying to keep him comfortable.

so annoying little e-mail things are put into perspective.

at least the sun is out today.

ok then,

saturday grace.