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by grace on October 24, 2020

i can’t say why i’ve been so productive lately. On Friday it was, indeed, really warm outside and I dug up most of my gerbera daisies but when i was done putting them in pots i realized i’d missed a small one and decided that enough was enough, and that one poor little flower could be a guinea pig to see if it’d survive the winter.

guinea pig and flower.

it was hot and exhausting work, plus i transplanted the palm that had been massive because i’d put it in a massive pot a few years ago, but then it got scorched by the sun this year and there was only one living section. it was relatively easy to transplant that one, and i also re-potted a very healthy and manageable-sized peace lily because it had outgrown its pot.

the only problem with that is that this is the second re-potting i’ve done and i’m afraid that soon it will be massive. i’ve learned the the chief problem with taking care of plants (which mostly just involves watering them enough) results in plants that are way too large.

i have some variation of a palm that used to be perched on top of the piano but now it’s a towering tree.

meanwhile…we did do some sailing in October and here we are on a beautiful day, October 6th.

Kevin so happy to be out on the boat in his nice t shirt that bev bought him. i can’t remember the whole story but i know that bev was looking for shirts to wear for her bowling team (back when she felt safe to go to a bowling alley) and for some reason she bought matching shirts for kevin and me. that was very nice of her but like i said i can’t remember why she bought so many of them. We wore them when hiking last september in glacier, back when we took trips.

darling Lovey, so brave to lie on the arm of the chair all the way into the living room.

Here’s our sailing expedition on October 11th, the nice picnic day that ended with me grabbing onto the light pole on the dock and it crashing down on my face.

the view of the yard from the sailboat.

on friday i also painted the front door and it looks really good now, although i didn’t even go outside yesterday to admire it from the driveway. my final friday project was to power-wash kevin’s sailboat because he was too busy replacing a bearing in his truck all the livelong day so he didn’t have time to get to the sailboat.

i was just going to power-wash for a short time but of course that’s never what happens and i cleaned til i ran out of gas and cleaned some more and finally ran out of gas again. i didn’t get as much stains off the boat as i’d have liked but i did manage to get a fair amount and at least the lake scum was gone. it’s amazing how dirty the boat had gotten after only being in the water for two months. hmm, maybe we need to figure out a lift for it.

yesterday was chilly and windy and grey and i finished cleaning the hot tub room and painted one coat of paint on the sills around the skylights. i’m going to finish that today and paint the very rusty heater along the baseboards and then i’ll start setting up the room for all the plants that need to come inside. it might freeze on monday night so i have a deadline.

not such a busy day as yesterday which is good. i have a new chocolate chip cookie recipe that i want to try. it’s called “perfect chocolate chip cookies” which sounds great except you have to chill them overnight so if i’d taken the time to mix them up yesterday we’d have fresh cookies today.

not that i need any cookies.

ok then, i must get off the couch,


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