by grace on October 22, 2020

this might be the last warm day of the year; it’s already 63 and it’s supposed to get up to 81. tomorrow the temperature is going to plunge throughout the day and rain is in store, so if i’m going to get stuff done today i need to get going.

but here are a few photos of my other projects. this is what the old front door and windows looked like before painting. the door actually looked worse than you can see here; it was grey and might not have ever been re-painted since the house was built in the 30s.

this was the most tedious part of the project. this is the storm window and the screen which insert in the outer door; i don’t think they make things like this anymore. it took me a couple of hours to tape all the screens and glass, front and back. it took me a couple of hours to tape all the screens and glass, front and back.

But the time and effort was worth it. I also power-washed the front of the house, plus with kevin’s new roof, it’s like a whole new very old house section.

here’s what it all looks like now. i want to paint the main front door red, and hmm, maybe i’d have time to do that today.

here’s the screened porch, so shiny and clean.

And beautiful Lovey, looking fairly relaxed here but also just a bit highly suspicious of me.

all righty then, i must get outside now. the thing i least want to do is re-pot one of the many palms. the particular one has been in a giant pot and it was a mighty big plant but when i put it outside this summer it got burned up and then most of it died. there’s one part left which i will dig up and put in a much smaller pot. so i’ll do that first to get it over with.

I also want to dig up my gerbera daisies so they’ll survive the winter and it’s a perfect day for it because we’ve had a good amount of rain. i kept thinking that maybe i’d let them die and buy some new ones next year but right now i feel motivated to do it.

ok then, i hope you’re doing well,

mrs. h.

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