i’ll get caught up before the end of the year!

hopefully.  only a couple more days…


ok, i wrote the above a few days ago, and now it’s a whole nother year…

i have high hopes for this year!  i’ve been thinking about resolutions, and hopefully i’ll solidify them before the end of 2016.

meanwhile…kevin and i drove by these two great houses in laketown the other night.




and the other day i went to the new fancy pease’s, which is a candy shop and little cafe kind of place where you can also get wine.  i love this towering display; it looks like willy wonka!  but they didn’t have the chocolate covered cocoa beans i wanted, and they didn’t do any xmas gift wrapping, which seemed a little odd to me.  but the little cafe looked nice.


here’s my selfie on a pre-xmas run.  it was pretty warm that day.


here’s the woods that i run through sometimes.  one day, just as i was about to enter the woods, a litle deer came boinking out of brush.  she was scared, but then she just stopped and watched me as i ran by.

one morning kevin heard a huge CRACK and this dead red bud tree had fallen.  we hadn’t chopped it down because woodpeckers were always nesting in it, but now they’ll have to find another tree.

lester and i went out to investigate.





he was pretty excited about the whole thing, but then he was happy to lie on the table on the dock and vigorously eat a twig.



this is one of my favorite photos ever!  i didn’t even see his tongue sticking out when i took the picture.


can you see all three kitties, in their kitty tirangle?  chester is waaaay back there, at the bottom of the steps off the deck.


mincy and litle sadie enjoying amy and jim’s fireplace.


because our fireplace broke a couple of years ago, we finally got a new insert for it.  les had to stay in the bedroom when the men came to fix it, so i kept him busy.


here’s the old fireplace, after kevin cleaned it out.


and here’s one of the guys, diligently working.


the new fireplace insert – it didn’t look very big out in the driveway.


but, ta da!  it is wonderful and on right now and i love it.


and someday soon, hopefully before the end of 2016, i will have some photos of how festive it still looks with all the xmas decor all over the place.

and that is all for this first day of the new year.  i hope yours has been fun!

mrs. 2016 hughes.