i feel that i should change the name of this site to “les paul.” or “les paul plus occasionally chester and winnie.”

also i should probably get out more, for no other reason than to take pictures of something besides the cats.

but i like to be at home.  a lot.

plus, kevin’s eye continues to make only tiny improvements, so we’re not going anywhere right now.  actually, we did plan to drive up to michigan with some friends to go camping along lake superior, which sounds like a grand adventure; i’ve never been to lake superior, and the photos i’ve seen look beautiful.

maybe next year.

so meanwhile…les was very interested in the new lawnmower.  chester, too.

then again, les is interested in just about everything, isn’t he?

and he loves to sit in the chair that i drag around the yard to sit in when we go for walks.

i should count the number of photos i have of him doing this exact same thing.  there are probably many, many of them, but i can’t help myself.

i love this flower; it was beautiful even when drying out.

since i took this in august, i have no recollection of this big snake slithering past me.  pretty big though, huh?

here are these geese that live at this one house on the lake.  i realize this isn’t the clearest photo, but they’re not canadian geese, they’re some other kind that nobody seems to know the name of. they were all in a row, sleeping.

winnie just wants to be left alone, mostly.  right now he’s curled up on the couch next to kevin, enjoying some quiet time.

chester has to lie on anything new.  right now there’s a big box on the living room floor that i keep there just so he can lie in it.  i need to get rid of it, because i know chester will find another spot to lie on or in.

he like hanging out on the edge of the couch, for example…

ok, but wait, we did manage to get out of the house on saturday and look at all the cars at the Rte. 66 festival!

kevin said that he’d take pictures of me in front of any of the cars, to put on my website, if i wanted to…i feel this was probably a gentle prod about posting stuff on here…but i wasn’t in the mood to have my picture taken, and instead took this photo.  what a beautiful car…

later, though, when i looked at the picture i said WHY WEREN’T YOU SMILING MORE?  and kevin said that his mouth was full of food!  why didn’t he say WAIT A MINUTE TIL I SWALLOW?

because he’s kevin.

almost everybody i care about is much more quiet and polite than me.  except for people i’m related to by birth; the other day amy tried to tell me that i was just like mom in many regards, and i decided it was better to just not say anything to that kind of alarming statement, instead of getting into an argument about it.  then she said “we’re like triplets,” as if that made it any better!

ok then, i hope you’re able to get out and enjoy some of this beautiful monday morning,

mrs. g.h.