so i’m sitting here in the dark…i would turn on the light, but randy came in and said if i did that it would ruin the ambience.  but since i’m in here by myself, i’m not sure who, exactly, the ambience would be ruined for.

randy is having a CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY, with entertainment galore including lots of very delicious food and drink.  i started out with some cranberry diet sierra mist with vodka but felt chilly, so switched to wassail.  wassail is a marvelous beverage.  randy had a fireplace dvd in the player but i turned it off and we were watching “a christmas story” instead.  i just came in here to turn the music down a little bit but then decided that since i’m in here i might as well write.

christmas, ok, it’s TOMORROW, so you’d better have everything bought.  i guess you could find something last-minute somewhere, like maybe walgreens.  kevin and i had to go to walgreens this afternoon and i watched a kind of scruffy-looking older guy with a book in his hand, wandering around in the very diminutive toy section.  i felt bad for him and for whoever was getting these very last-minute gifts.

all the people in there looked kind of sad, actually, but maybe i was just in a feeling-sorry-for-humanity kind of mood.  i mean WE were in there, and i don’t feel sorry for us. i bought a bunch of last-minute foil and saran wrap and wax paper.  because it’s a shame to run out of all these things.

kevin had an unpleasant experience with the pharmacist woman who he’d asked if he could get his blood tester covered by insurance and instead of just saying no she said it would be FRAUD to do that without a prescription.  he needed a new tester because suddenly he had no tester that worked with his test strips and he said he could just NOT EAT ANYTHING on christmas day until he got a new one but this didn’t seem like a particularly good idea to me.

i figure the pharmacist woman was  bitter about working on christmas eve afternoon.

kevin went home and wrote walgreens a nasty e-mail and changed all his prescriptions to cvs pharmacy.  luckily the drug stores are right across the street from each other.

so here we are, a party on christmas eve.  it feels odd to be at a party on christmas eve.  what would be doing if we weren’t at a party?  i bet i wouldn’t be sitting in the dark writing, for one thing.  i’d turn on the light.

we’d probably be eating…and drinking.  maybe playing a game.  waiting for santa.

randy is in a very good mood now, which is a good way to be on christmas eve.  hopefully santa will be good to him.

ok ok, i hope you’re enjoying yourself,

christmas eve grace.