this is only part of the LOTS OF PHOTOS i have to put up here.  i’ll save many many photos of geese for later.

i told mom i WOULD NOT POST this photo of her.  i took it last saturday when we were visiting kevin when he was doing the encampment at the old state capitol.  it started to pour down rain, and mom’s hair went a little crazy.

sorry mom, but i just couldn’t resist.  it’s so funny.

just so you know – mom is always very well turned-out, with nice, matching clothes and lots of cool jewelry, makeup, and nicely-styled hair.  as opposed to me – most of the time i’m wearing some old pair of shorts that used to belong to amy or jim, and some old t-shirt.

for the occasion of meeting kevin, though, i looked a little better.  luckily they’re doing a lot of construction in front of cold stone creamery so there was a nice covering and we could sit outside without getting drenched.

sunday morning, the clouds were rolling in and mollie and i were down at the dock.  i love this picture because she looks like a MAD DOG.  she was probably about to sneeze or something.

now this is a beautiful picture of a beautiful dog!  i can rarely get her to look right at me, though; she prefers to turn her head just a little.  maybe she thinks this is her best side.

kevin, lounging at the dock on sunday late afternoon after his hot weekend downtown.  later i’ll have photos of the painted chair – we bought the green and the blue ones, so he decided to paint the white chair yellow, and painted the footstools, too.  they look great.

kevin took these dazzling pictures at around 5:30 on monday morning.  i WISH i could get myself up this early, because it’s just SO BEAUTIFUL THEN.  alas, i just don’t think it’s going to happen for me.  at least i have the pretty pictures.


i don’t know why he change his hat to the back here, but he looks cute.  plus here’s the large variety of ice cream i got for the party – two kinds of ben and jerry’s that are jim’s favorites, plus a ben and jerry’s yogurt for randy who can’t eat ice cream, and a sugar-free for kevin.

i like this series of shots because amy always has her funny smile in every picture.

we realized that we’d forgotten to make jim put on the birthday hat.  we decided not to stage the whole candle blowing out thing for the sake of the photo, though.

so, this saturday night we’re having a BIG party for randy’s 50th birthday.  BIG.  although i can’t divulge here and now the details of all the work i’ve been doing for the party, let’s just say i’m worn out and it’s only monday.

i will say that he requested a BIG FANCY WEDDING CAKE-TYPE CAKE for his birthday, and i probably agreed to make him one.

tired, that’s all i have to say.


monday morning grace.