les paul poses for christmas…

by grace on December 24, 2011

I can’t imagine that he could have been comfortable, curled up on the hard stone fireplace, sitting on a few random ornaments that never got on the tree, squeezed behind a couple of presents.

i gave him his socks, and he proceeded to have a grand old time.

i bought all three kitties some compressed catnip toys, and will wrap them.  les keeps ripping the bows off presents and running away with them, so maybe he’ll enjoy a present of his own.

but i think he really just loves the chase.

sugar cookies are done but not frosted.  luckily i have requests for some with no frosting.  they still took way way way too long to bake and roll and cut and all of that.

i am resting for 15 minutes before starting in again.

ok then,

mrs. xmas eve afternoon hughes.

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