although it’s so dark outside still that it’s not the most cheerful of days…

but so far the winter hasn’t been so terrible. almost no snow, and only a few bitterly cold days.

it was fairly warm on monday, and i went down to the dock where the birds were making all kinds of cool chirping sounds.

the water kept washing up over the thin layer of ice.



but i guess the ice wasn’t that thin, because kevin threw this rock on it and it didn’t break through.




plenty of birds were sitting on the edge of the ice, and they were constantly circling overhead.  they’re doing that right this minute, actually, and i’d like to go down and watch them but it’s raining.


a lone goose, contentedly lying down on the ice.


i kept taking pictures, then wanted to capture the sound on video.  and then some geese flew in!

and that’s all for right now, here in the middle of january already.  spring is right around the corner!

ok then,

mrs. winter hughes.