i hope you’re not crazy with last-minute stuff today, but you probably are.

so here’s something soooo cute and funny to make you smile in between the wrapping and cooking and hopefully not still shopping…

a few gifts were under the tree the other day, and suddenly les starting at tearing at a package kevin had bought for me.

he had never touched any of the presents, or bothered the tree at all.  but that one gift held so much fascination for him…

can you see what it is?  it’s a pair of wool socks!  les loves so much that sometimes he’ll carry this enormous pair of wool socks of kevin’s into the living room to play with.  kevin says he must have smelled the wool!

i know this is a ridiculous amount of pictures, and i should have taken a video because it was just so funny!  i haven’t tried uploading videos from my phone onto the site, though, and i don’t wanna deal with whatever issues there could be with that.

meanwhile…i started baking cookies at the beginning of the month, but in the past few days i’ve realized that i just don’t have enough.  so a major project today is MORE COOKIES.

my friend erica, who is kind of saintly, has organized breakfast for the homeless at three different shelters on xmas morning.  a friend of mine asked what organization erica was doing this with, but it’s not an organization, it’s just erica!  for some reason erica didn’t even mention this to me til she’d already lined up all the volunteers she needs, but she said that she’s also giving each homeless person a little gift – a bag with necessities like shampoo and sanitizer and stuff.  but then she said she also wanted to give each of them 3-5 cookies.   HOMEMADE cookies.

there are 120 homeless people, so that’d be about 50 dozen cookies.  i said i could bake all the cookies, but she only needed me t bake 18 dozen.  now i wish i’d baked them all, because you never know about the quality of cookies.  some people bake the xmas cookies, but they really shouldn’t be doing any baking.

i made many, many chocolate chip cookies, but then decided that i should also give them some of my peanut butter cup cookies, and my peanut butter hershey’s kiss cookies.

and then i took a couple of plates of cookies to erica’s party, and then i took another plate to another party, and i kept giving them to mom.  i’d ask her “do you need any more cookies?” and she’d say YES I DO!!!  like she was dying of cookie deprivation.  and then of course i had to give garrick cookies, and amy and jim, and randy, and we keep eating the cookies..

so there aren’t so many left.

so today, COOKIE BAKING.  yet again.


ok then,

mrs. christmas eve morning hughes.