so if i have any readers out there still, just so you know, they suspended my site cause i had malware, and i had to pay to have some service delete the malware, but it’s some site that charges per year, so now i’m covered for a year but they sent me a notice that i’d BETTER UPDATE MY SITE AND ALL MY STUFF IN IT.

so i’m gonna try to figure out how to do it.  there’s a thing up on the top of my screen that reads “wordpress 3.9.1 is available!  please update now!”

but i know that if i click on that, my site will probably just be a big blank.

tomorrow morning kevin and i are running in the Fat Ass 5k downtown, and we picked up our packets which were totally lame, just a bunch of ads for stuff, and our numbers, and they said there will be about FOUR THOUSAND people there!  so that’s a lot of people.  luckily i have the appropriately sized derriere for the race.

plus i have been doing lots of yard work but i have so much more to do.  so there’s really not so much time to be messing around on my computer trying to figure out something that i don’t wanna deal with plus it’s warm and fabulous outside and i don’t wanna be inside on the computer.

however, this week it’s going to get kind of crazy chilly outside, so maybe then i can try to tackle it.

or at least i can try to find some company that won’t charge me too much to do it.

i tried doing an online search for how to do it, but so far i’ve had no luck.

after the “race,” i want to plant a bunch of flowers plus about a zillion other activities.

ok then,

mrs. THANK GOD IT’S BACK hughes.