ok, i kind of suck as a friend because i keep forgetting to mention bev’s daughter’s a capella singing group.  they will be performing TOMORROW NIGHT, WEDNESDAY MARCH 11TH, at SEVEN P.M., at the LAUREL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, which is on the corner of walnut and south grand.

there.  i only kind of suck because i don’t really think people are reading this to try to find out what to do in town.   as a matter of fact, many of my readers live in other places.  like china, i know there are some chinese people in china reading, for some reason.

anyway, it’s not really called Ootbuh.  last week i kept thinking it was called OOBOO but i figured that wasn’t right but i kept forgetting to ask bev what it really was.

it does sound like Ootbuh – it’s OOTB, which is OUT OF THE BLUE.

i’m pretty sure.

they’re an a capella singing group from yale and they sing..pop?  pop rock?  yeah.  i think so.

we’re going to go see them.  you should go, too.

unless you’re in china, in which case you’d be late if you tried to get there.

we helped bev with the last very frantic minutes of putting the house all together this afternoon.  it was mighty dicey there for a while, but bev’s head didn’t actually pop off, a very good thing.  she did get really mad at randy a few times, and i felt bad for him, but i kept telling him that she didn’t mean it, she was just STRESSED OUT OF HER MIND.

i’m sure she must be very calm by now because the kids have now invaded her house, and she has no more time to be freaking out about trying to get the house fixed up for their arrival.  and her house looks FANTASTIC.  believe it or not.


that is all for this tuesday night as the temperature continues to plummet.

grace hughes.