First, a funny update on things dead-mouse-related. my friend janet sent me an e-mail about her own cat and dead mouse story, and i do believe it’s more disgusting than mine:

“I was teaching Owen the finer arts of cat box scooping, when we noticed a stray *poop* on the floor in spilled cat litter. Well, we thought it was poop and then it seemed to be a dried out mouse body. We prodded it some more and flipped it over… (Owen was doing the touching and i was cringing and cowering) and would you believe it was a pooped mouse!”


besides dead mice, things are good. very quiet now. we got a marriage license today. we talked to the lady at the reception place and told her our choices for entrees. she said we could bring in our own mints/nuts for the tables.

so i had a little free time and decided to see how much mints and nuts cost online, to compare to actually buying them at a store. i immediately got SUCKED IN to the huge huge wedding quargmire of all kinds of crap that a person could buy.

M&M’s will sell you M&Ms which are PERSONALIZED. you get two lines of eight characters apiece on one side, and the M on the other. they’re a little pricey, as you can imagine. you get to pick from many lovely colors.

i then found a website with lots and lots of photos of wedding cakes. i didn’t have time to look at all of them, but i found nothing that looks even CLOSE to how my wedding cake will look.

the reception hall woman, monica, said to me that my cake lady could bring the cake in whenever she wants to on the saturday morning of the wedding. i said “i’m making the cake.” she sort of raised one eyebrow and said, “oh, you’re making it?” but then she didn’t GRILL me about it and she didn’t say ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? or anything like that, which was very refreshing.

things are COMPLETELY UNDER CONTROL around here, let me tell you. the crazy bottle painting is winding down, even.

i just ordered a pair of lovely silver shoes online. DON’T TELL RANDY! he is boycotting my website because i keep saying bad things about “into the woods” but he can’t FORCE me to suddenly like the music. but anyway, i told him that since my dress is pale pink with some silver sparkly things on it, i need silver shoes.


i told him i’d been to all the shoe stores in town and there were no pink shoes.

YOU CAN DYE THEM he continued to yell.

I didn’t see any dyeable shoes. i did find some very lovely silver shoes, but they only had a size six and a size seven, and i need a six and a half, so i quickly and easily found them online and they’ll arrive AT MY DOORSTEP in the next 4 or 5 days.

i just can’t let randy see my feet during the wedding so he doesn’t have to be HORRIFIED anymore.

he’ll be too busy with other things to worry about that.

we’re going to see “men in tights” tonight. if you don’t know, it’s a performance by the ballet company, and local men perform in a few numbers and they have to raise money to be in the performance and it’s quite amusing to see them in tights. last year kevin was actually in the show, but he didn’t have to raise any money because he knows how to dance. is that why? yes, i believe so.

this year, we’ll just be watching.

and that’s all for now. i hope your friday is good and your weekend, even better.

ok then,

friday grace.