i just have to say that i made some site updates ON MY OWN! WHHOO, MEE! you’ll notice over there on the right that i added the time and date for my UPCOMING SHOW. not to mention that i wrote almost half of the show last night! yes, very very productive.

plus, i’ve been photoshopping more photos, like photos of HAWAII, and if i don’t keep doing that i’ll forget all about everything that we did. luckily i have my guidebook so i can look up names i don’t remember, like this waterfall on kauai, which is called Wailua Falls.


and here’s a view from our balcony there on kauai.

view from balcony

this is another photo of shipwreck beach; i posted another one YEARS ago, so you probably wouldn’t remember. this is the beach that’s right outside the hyatt resort, where we spent a lot of time hanging out at the fabulous balcony bar.


here’s me (in case you didn’t recognize me)in the open-air lobby of the resort. it was such a BEAUTIFUL place.


and as we sat on the balcony as teh sun was setting, a guy came out and blew on a horn and there was some kind of ceremony of lighting of the torches.

hyatt 2

ok, i’m on a roll here, now here are some photos of NYC.

this is les paul, who is NINETY ONE, at his show.

les paul

this is inside the metropolitan museum.


and this is in central park, after we spent a long time at the met and then walked all the way up to the guggenheim and it was covered with scaffolding and we were too tired to go through the museum so instead i had some soup there. and then we walked back through central park and of course i had to stop and consult a map because as you know i’m all about studying the maps.


as we kept walking, we passed Tavern on the Green, which is an iconic restaurant there in the park, and there were lots of xmas lights so we stopped for another photo opportunity.

tavern on the green

and THAT is all i have time for now because today is the VERY LAST WARM DAY THIS YEAR and i must get outside. unless it’s raining, although i guess i could use my umbrella.

ok then, i hope your week continues to progress,