as july continues…

by grace on July 22, 2018

the weather is still incredible…today it was only in the 70s again.

here’s one of our rainy days, which I love to look at and am so happy not to be riding my bike or hiking in.

lately I’ve been inspired to attempt to clean up some of the massive clutter that has invaded almost every aspect of my life.  I went through the piles of jewelry lying all over the top of my dresser – I cleaned up the massive dust balls, I matched earrings, I got rid of stuff that I haven’t worn in forever, and I spent so much time trying to de-tangle necklaces.  I finally did it, but then I was in a hurry one morning to get a necklace from too many hanging on one hook, and this was the result.

de-tangling is something bev loves to do, but she wasn’t around, so I obsessively did it myself.

now many necklaces are in little bowls by themselves, until I get more things to hang them on.  it feels good to at least have one little part of my life kind of in order.

this is on my way out the door to see the opening night of “mamma mia,” which was fantastic.  i’m taking kevin to see the last performance this sunday.

sometimes les and riley sleep together, but mostly everybody likes their own space.

meanwhile, Winnie continues to hang in there.  he hates the medicine I have to squirt in his mouth, but he’s better about it in the morning.  sometimes he doesn’t seem so good, but sometimes he seems to be just fine.

and speaking of darling…amy took this picture of a few of her darling dogs.

and that’s it for this beautiful sunday evening as the days start to get shorter.

ok then

mrs. hughes.


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