it’s almost ten on saturday morning, and i’ve mostly just been sitting on the couch ever since i got up at 7:30. kevin and i did concessions at the opening night of “seussical” last night, filling lots of popcorn boxes, wrapping hot dogs, pouring lots of soda, cleaning up… it wasn’t so bad, but we were pretty busy, and didn’t go to sleep till 11:30, which is late for me and VERY late for kevin.

today he got up at 4:30.  he had many many things to do because he’s spending today and tomorrow camping out downtown at the old state capitol.  yesterday we took his tent over there and theoretically he’s going to spend the night.  “unless it’s lightning,” he said.  by two o’clock this afternoon it’s supposed to be 87 degrees but it’ll feel like NINETY NINE.  and he’s wearing wool pants.  and he’s supposed to teach some civil war-type swordsmanship.

me, i’m sitting here on my couch in the air conditioning and i might take a nap later.

here are a few photos i took last tuesday at the very first tomb ceremony of the season.

can you see kevin in that picture?  i’m pretty sure he’s the fourth guy you see from the left, and he’s in the back.

i was playing around with my phone and realized i could take a picture with a border.

on a random note, the other night kevin and i were driving along the lake road and a mother and VERY TINY BABY deer walked across the road.  TAKE A PICTURE WITH MY PHONE, i yelled to kevin, because i was driving.   i know it’s hard to make out the baby deer, but it was JUST SO CUTE.

and here’s a giant spider that was in my basement on the counter next to the dryer.  it freaked me out because it was so huge.

jim and kevin said it’s a wolf spider, not dangerous, won’t kill me if it was to bite me, but i managed to get it onto that tea towel and outside without any biting at all.

we have two little cherry trees in our front yard and they were covered with beautiful red cherries.  we started picking them the other day, but first i decided i needed to capture them.  i took about a million photos because they were so pretty, and here’s a smallish selection.

i originally shrunk down eight of these pictures but then when i put them up here i decided maybe eight was a few too many.  i love all the pictures, but really, the differences were pretty small.  i’m pretty proud of myself that i managed to whittle them down to just three.

and finally, i have to mention the geese – the goslings are getting so big! soon they’ll be flying all over the yard.

there was one smaller gosling all by itself.  a different family.  when kevin and i went kayaking the other day we realized that there are many many many geese all around the lake, and we didn’t even kayak very far.

here’s my goose video.

and WHEW, that’s a lot of different things for one saturday morning.  now i’ll be forced to get up and do some of the many things i want to accomplish today.

ok then,

saturday morning grace.