i just can’t stop taking pictures. yesterday was so awesome because the snow was melting like crazy.

this goose looked like it was posing, or about to break into an interpretive dance.

the lake looked so cool, with the ice melting like crazy.

kevin shoveled some of the huge quantities of snow off the deck.  mollie helped.

later, mollie continued to help eat up bird seed.

amy had told me that there were white pelicans out on the lake, so i was going out to see them.

some geese took off, the swans were waiting for food…a very photogenic moment.

the white pelicans just weren’t very close by.

but the male swan was marching up on the rocks, ready to eat!  even though i had no popcorn for him.

there was a big flock of pelicans, then this one guy all by himself.

it was so pretty out there yesterday evening; i guess one reason i took so many pictures is because i wasn’t freezing while doing so.

and today, i took yet more pictures!  i guess it’s officially an obsession.  i didn’t take as many today, though, because of all the valentines festivities (mostly eating chocolate).  tonight mollie started barking like crazy and i looked out and the yard was filled with deer.  but mollie was all over it – she went running out the back door and the deer sprinted away.  she’s been on high alert ever since.

ok ok ok, and once again,


mrs. married grace hughes.