this morning there was a story on the today show about the running of the bulls.

at least there’s something even stupider than trying to be in a triathlon. at least no bulls are going to chase after me as i swimbikerun.

on the other hand, maybe it would help me to not come in last.

i mean, really, SOMEBODY has to be last. so it might as well be me. Every day i get more accepting of this inevitability.

tonight B. (Billy Jo) and i played putt putt golf. and i BEAT him! this was quite astounding to me, personally. it perhaps had something to do with the fact that he had to play the last hole in a torrential downpour, but i did beat him, fair and square. at least once i beat him at something.

and i could say i beat him at games where you have to think, but i’ve decided i’ve lost quite a few brain cells, and i’m searching for them as we speak. as i type.

we played boggle last night, and he beat me. we played scrabble tonight, and he REALY beat me. randy and i played boggle on monday night, and he SLAUGHTERED me. clearly, brain cells lost. they’re oozing out of my head, slowly, so i don’t notice them going. but then, BAM, i lose at boggle. i don’t think i was ever that great at scrabble, plus i get annoyed with it sometimes because it takes forever, but i know i wasn’t as bad as tonight.

i did swimbikerun this morning, my last day of doing it b4 the race. my swim was the worst ever; the water was kind of chilly, the waves seemed choppy, i kept swallowing lots of water and coughing, my goggles got all fogged up so i couldn’t see at all, plus i was slogging ridiculously slowly through the water.

but it’s ok. things are good anyway. then i biked for a while, then decided to run a little to see if my legs were killing me, and they weren’t so i ran a little more, and that was quite an accomplishment.

tomorrow, only swimming and biking.

today i didn’t do too much, but i was going to try to put on those new fancy laces, but i didn’t even achieve that. tomorrow.

B. told me about some crazy triathlon, i can’t remember what it’s called (brain cells evaporating right now, i can feel it), but instead of just swimbikerun, it’s mountain biking and running through the forest or something. so they can just keep adding to that concept – you can swim in shark-infested waters, and you could bike through some big area that’s on fire, and then you could get chased by bulls as you run. that’d improve everybody’s times, wouldn’t it? plus, of course, if you’re going to add all those risky things, it would then be a very popular TV show and everybody could get rich. except the poor people who get eaten by sharks/burn up in the fire/are crushed by bulls.

i hate all those reality, fear-facing stupid shows on tv. don’t you think that the next logical step is stuff that’s actually going to be LIFE-THREATENING?

stupid, so stupid.

maybe this cycle of shows will eventually become passe, like “who wants to be a millionaire.”

they should, instead, bring back variety shows. singing and dancing and skits, like the carol burnette show. maybe i should write a variety show. put it on cable access – or, of course, i could put it up RIGHT HERE! i have the tools.

but realistically, i haven’t even put up the commercial i was just in. I must find some way to BEAT THIS LAZINESS. and defeat it.

but first, i’m going to get a good night’s sleep. maybe it will come to me in a dream. instead of my usual boring dreams about ironing or changing a lightbulb.

ok then,

grace ready to DO this triathlon and get it over with already.