I HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET AGAIN! brendan called me from new york and now it’s up and running and i just want to show you a couple more photos before i have to get on the freeway and head to the airport.

here’s another view from their loft window:


it’s been sunny and beautiful all day, although a little windy. have i mentioned my joy at missing all the SNOW which just fell on springfield? very very happy about that. alhtough at least there wasn’t a blizzard; last night i was watching the weather channel and they kept talking about A BLIZZARD IS HEADED FOR SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS. i guess after the ACTUAL TORNADO, people are thinking spfld is now a hotbed of dramatic weather.

here’s a photo of brooklyn, brendan and jerri’s giant dog. he’s standing between two of my dirty socks, because he loves dirty socks, as do many dogs. brooklyn doesn’t tear them up or anything, he just likes to carry them around in a friendly fashion.

brooklyn with socks

and here’s another photo of brooklyn, in the beautiful loft which i’d like to move into.

brooklyn again

i had lunch at a trendy and hip place called the standard, it’s a hotel with a groovy restaurant. there’s also a cool bar on the roof and i’m disappointed i didn’t have my camera because the view from the roof is awesome. there are lots of couches up there, and some girl in a short dress was sprawled out on one of them, talking on her cell phone. LA is just so…LA. people in black everywhere, and everybody is so much better-looking than they are in other places, and it’s quite interesting. not that i ever exactly fit in here. but today i borrowed jerri’s jean jacket (jerri, can i please borrow your jean jacket?) and so i felt slightly like i wasn’t out of place. i also wore my boots instead of my usual tennis shoes, in order to blend in a little better. not that i actually CARE because none of these people will EVER SEE ME AGAIN.

maybe i’ll wear my tennis shoes the rest of the trip.

ok, i must dash away, wish me luck in rush hour traffic on the great big huge freeways.

freeways and traffic, the reasons i’m very happy not to be in la anymore.

ok then,

tuesday LA grace.