Tuesday, October 05, 2010

4:43 p.m.

Right now I’m sitting in front of our campfire at the Westmoreland State Park on the banks of the Potomac river in ‘ol virginee.  Kevin just finished making a very delicious dutch-oven apple cobbler, after washing up the lunch dishes.

Lunch was hot dogs roasted over the fire.  This is really the ideal way to cook hot dogs.

There are three campgrounds in this park, and this particular campground is the only one with any campers in it, because it’s a weekday and it’s October.  Last night there were two RVs and us, but this morning one of the RVs left, but then another popup camper appeared.

I wish I could have a tour of his popup.  It looks like the same size as ours, but as I walked from our campsite down to the bathroom, I noticed that he’d erected a big screened house over his picnic table, and there was a light hanging up inside.  He was busily stocking a large mini fridge inside the little house.  Inside the camper I could see another standard-size mini fridge on top of a counter.  I’m sure he has everything one would ever need for camping, and I’m pretty sure he’s more organized than we are.

This wouldn’t take a whole lot.

Let’s see, where did I leave off before…the day after the torrential rain.  Friday, I had to get up and take Kevin to the shoot at 7:15 a.m.  that seems like so long ago…

We had to check out by 1:00 and I guess I was taking too much time in the morning just doing this and that, because suddenly I only had about 45 minutes to get everything out the door.  I got one of those big carts that bellboys used, and if there had been any bellboys at the Comfort Suites, I’d have paid him handsomely to cart all our stuff out to the van.

Instead, I had to make three trips, and each time the bags and coolers and miscellany were piled precariously, teetering on the cart and I pushed and shoved it down the hall and out the door.

We finally left about 1:30 and mollie was excited to be on the road again.  She’s OK in a hotel room, but it’s a little bit confining for her.

We stopped in downtown historic Winchester, and it was kind of nice, but looked like it had seen better days.  There were lots of shops along the pedestrian mall but lots of vacancies, too.  this is the civil war museum and old court house.

this is the pedestrian mall.

i thought this was a really pretty little house.

an historic place…

On our way out to the shoot, we stopped at the VIRGINIA FARM MARKET, an awesome place selling many kinds of apples plus everything else you could possibly want at a market including some fantastic pies.  I bought one “harvest pie” and another one, but sugar-free.  The harvest pie consisted of apples, rhubarb, and some different berries and wow, delicious.  They kept letting me sample the different kinds of apples, and I bought a couple bags.

And then on to the shoot!  This time mollie and I parked in a lot and waited for kevin to appear.  Mollie was excited to see him finally marching up the hill to us.

We loaded up the van and headed for Thad’s house in Fairfax.  At first the route was simply beautiful, winding past one charming, quaint town after another.  I kept shooting video as kevin drove.

But then, abruptly – civilization.  And lots and lots of traffic.  Huge lines of cars, and lots of lights, and we were suddenly creeping along.

I would go crazy if I had to live in a big city again.  I always hated the traffic in DC, and I always will.

We finally got there, though, and were glad to pull the popup into Thad’s driveway.

Saturday, we all drove down to my friend Jimmy’s house.  He lives in Maryland, in an out of the way little place, not even a town, just a road.  This summer he bought a 50-foot yacht, and we all got to go out on it.  It was a beautiful, sunny, fantastic day, and I took approximately a million photos plus lots of video.

i’m going to divide this entry into two separate ones, because of all the pictures of jimmy’s yacht.

ok then,

tuesday grace part one