soon i’m going to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

i have no idea how long it’ll take, but i’m fairly confident that when it’s over, the SITE WILL BE GREAT.  because as you know, as i’ve complained for years and years, it’s very outdated – and today gary, the very nice guy from england who is going to be going to SO MUCH TROUBLE to update and fix and make this site more gooder in all regards – told me that because my site is FROM THE STONE AGE, it’s impossible to just update it, and it’s going to have to be REBUILT.


and i have 6,606 PHOTOS!!!  how did that happen???  and they all have to be organized and done something with, and it’s all so complicated, and i’m glad i didn’t try to take a class to learn how to do all this because i know the result of that woulda been the teacher throwing their hands up in disgust at me and my very, very very old and outdated site.

this is where procrastination gets you, boys and girls.  please try to learn from my mistakes.  please check back every once in a while, to see when construction is complete.

so i can’t start posting any accounts or photos of our trip because all the photos currently here are WAY TOO MANY.

just let me say that we had a really good time, the weather was almost perfect, the hiking was great…and we drove on some of the smallest teeny tiny roads on the planet.  with no center stripes or side stripes or any stripes whatsoever cause the roads were just too small for more than one car to drive on it.

oh, the stories, and the pictures…

someday, someday.

meanwhile…i hear that gary does a lot of tweeting.  so i think i’ll read his tweets, and who knows, maybe i’ll try it too.  it seems suspiciously suspicious to me at this juncture, but i will have a little more free time, not being able to write anything here.

it’s always something.

ok then,

mrs. under construction hughes.