my friend linda, instead of being a sexy witch or something more suitable to her loveliness, this year came to our party as a…flasher.

not just any run-of-the-mill flasher, either.  she sported a custom-made appendage, the likes of which you are not likely to see again.

or see at all, because i just didn’t feel it right to post the unedited version of the photos taken.  and there were gobs and gobs of photos taken, you’d better believe it.  people were dying to get their pictures taken with the flasher.

linda said she borrowed this costume from a friend who had made it himself.

it has taken me this long to try to figure out how to use the correct photoshop tools to blur the photo.  i can never seem to find suitably basic instructions for photoshop, but i think they look pretty good.



linda wore a beard but had no moustache, and later amy told me that she looked like an amish flasher, so amy drew a moustache on for her.

and if you want to see the uncensored versions, please send me an e-mail and i’ll be happy to send them to you.

funny, isn’t it, that the site is called graceUNCENSORED, and here i am censoring?  but if you saw the other version you’d know why i did it.

ok then, happy tuesday,

censoring grace