…but wait, what happened to wednesday? i meant to write yesterday, but somehow the time slipped away.

here’s one more glamour photo from the play:

leaping about

leaping about

That’s one of my especially graceful moments, in full professional high-quality ballet regalia.

WHEW, i’m tired, why can’t i start writing earlier in the day? because randy invited me over to dinner, chicken curry and rolls and salad (randy makes the best salad ever), and then we played a card game called “marvin,” which you’ve probably never heard of, but you might have played. we call it marvin because that’s what ann calls it because she couldn’t remember the actual name, but that’s the name of the guy who taught it to her. it’s a fun card game, plus you don’t have to concentrate terribly hard or think too much, which i’d frown upon on a thursday night.

we watched an old episode of “friends,” an early one where rachel admits to ross that she has feelings for him, and then they fight, and she slams and locks the diner door, but then he stands there in the rain and she unlocks the door and throws it open and they kiss and it’s very romantic. when it started, i thought i hadn’t seen that episode, but i realized i’d not seen the beginning.

when i lived in LA, i’d make fun of christine for watching friends because i thought it was stupid and dumb with terrible acting. but then i started watching, and then i watched all the episodes, all the reruns, but i feel that surely there must be one or two out there that i haven’t seen yet. i’ll have to go to randy’s more often to watch it, because when i’m at home, i just can’t motivate myself to turn on the TV. it involves searching for too many remotes, for one thing.

anyway, the air force concert band – well, it lasted about a million hours. it was at the convention center, and there was no nice lighting, just the harsh convention lights. i thought the music would be a little…lighter…but instead it was so pretty heavy classical stuff. and like i said, a million hours. it was a free concert, and i assumed it might last an hour or an hour and a half. but it began at 7:30 and wasn’t over till TEN, at which point i was horribly tired.

but they are accomplished musicians, and i’d like to see them in a better lit place, playing music that i’m more familiar with. there was a piccolo soloist during one of the numbers, and i decided i’d like to learn how to play the piccolo. it was such a teeny tiny instrument, and it looked pretty easy. i’m sure it was harder than it looked, but it would be so nice to play an instrument that you could carry around in your purse (maybe a fairly large purse), and you could just pull it out and start playing. it reminded me of the music you’d hear in a meadow somewhere, somebody dancing around in a sunlit meadow playing a piccolo.

i was at the UIS campus this afternoon, and i noticed that there were no student in sight anywhere. is it spring break? are there actually students attending the university? just wondering.

i must sleep now, even though i know that there’s at least one other thing i wanted to mention tonight. i have a very busy day tomorrow, including some benefit fundraiser kind of thing, where they’re promising good wine and piano music. so we’ll just see about that.

ok then,

grace slightly scattered tonight but not in a bad way, necessarily.