last night i overdid it a little with the yard work, and we went to be before 10!  this morning i got up a little after six, so clearly i’m turning into an old lady who gets up at the crack of dawn.

well, i’m not entirely sure what time the sun rises, so i guess it’s not that drastic.  yet.

i spent a lot of time power-washing the deck, even though i’d already power washed it a couple of weeks ago. it was more tiring than i’d thought it’d be, and i’d like to go out and finish the job right now except it’s a little too chilly for that this morning, plus i need to spray bleach cleaner on the spots that wouldn’t come up, and i have to give a massage later and i don’t think it would be a particularly soothing experience for my client if my hands smell like bleach.

last fall we planted about a million tulip and daffodil and a few hyacinth bulbs, and they finally burst open on may 2nd.

by the next day, may 3rd, they were really open a lot.  i think they lasted longer than tulips usually last because it was so cool.  they were so gorgeous, but the area still looks good now even though they’re all gone, because i have a lot of other flowers and plants out there.

les, in his latest new harness.  amy had bought this one for gizmo, but dad never wanted to use it.  les is very happy with it, except it’s a little large for him and yesterday he squeezed in between the slats of a chair and managed to get the whole thing around his waist.  he wasn’t very happy with me when i had to re-adjust it, and les is always the most accommodating of cats, so it must have been uncomfortable for the poor little guy.

chester, ever elegant even though it looks a little like a junk yard back there.

winnie in his red collar – i got it at wal-mart and it stretched out and i bought him a newer, better one but haven’t felt like dealing with his wrath when i have to change the collars.

chester especially enjoys lounging on the watercraft.  i took a picture of him when he bravely climbed on the pontoon boat, but it didn’t turn out cause he’s so black.

we babysat amy and jim’s animals one afternoon, and ellie was sitting in her cage meowing very sadly, so i let her out and she was very happy to lounge on the screened porch.

numie, the ultimate downward dog.

i dashed through the flower department on one of my many trips to wal-mart and i’m always like I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE FLOWERS, and then this happens.

they only had two of these beautiful dahlias, so i bought them both.

i have to go there today to get some 7-up, and amy just bought a bunch of flowers and so many of them are on sale now and i kinda wanna go look, but on the other hand all my pots are filled and i really don’t know where i’d put any more plants…i guess we’ll see how that goes.

she wasn’t going to buy many flowers, but jim suggested she get some, and so she bought tons of them, i wish i had a picture of all of them lined up in her driveway before she planted them.

jim thought it was a great idea because dad would have done that.

we all miss him so much, but planting lots of pretty flowers is a nice way of remembering him.

and finally, we launched the boat.  we got a new (used) motor so it goes faster and is less loud.  i told kevin that he should take it on its inaugural voyage, because i knew he was really excited about the potential for it to go faster.  kevin is a speed demon.

and off he went…the only problem with this scenario is that i had to  drive the van up off the ramp and i always have this phobia that when i let off the emergency brake, the van will roll back and plunge down into the water.

this time i was so nervous about it that i accidentally popped the hood of the van, but then managed to safely get the van up the ramp and home to safety.

this is a testament to just how covered in crap our counters mostly are.  i try so hard to keep them clean, but then this happens.

luckily, chester doesn’t care how high the pile is.

i looked at this picture and thought, i don’t remember this picture of winnie, but of course it’s not him, it’s randy’s kitty rupee.  it’s funny that rupee is always so loving and affectionate with randy, but i never even see her when i’m at his house because she’s much, much too terrified to stick around at all.

but she’s a cat, and they’re all different.  they can’t all be as crazy-outgoing and affectionate with everybody like lester.

mom and i got our pictures taken at la fiesta, but i don’t even wanna put my photo up here.  but i have decided that i should get one of these cardboard cutouts and just carry it in front of me all the time.  it’d be much easier than dieting.

goslings.  so cute.

and that’s about it for this lovely thursday morning.

ok then,

mrs. hughes in may.