photos photos photos.

first, mollie, resting up for a night of constant begging.

she got many, many treats throughout the evening, spending a lot of time lying on the dining room floor right below the salami.

amy and jim outdid themselves, as usual.    they’re enjoying a hoedown.

they were so funny…

jim deatheridge with pam brown, who was magenta from rocky horror, but it looks like she’s also a cheesehead!  i love this picture.

here’s kevan kavanaugh, the real cheese head.

and david, the astronaut.  good costume, david!

KATY PERRY!  she brought autographs to hand out to everybody.  this is samantha, jim’s niece.  i love her huge eyelashes, her blue wig…she’s a doll.

my cute husband…

…he was scottish, but then he made big rocks for his feet…SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS, taking a page from randy’s playbook.  very funny.  he was finishing up the rocks about an hour before the party started.  me, i was just kind of green with glittery green spiders on my shoulders.

mom was a witch again, very festive, and bev was a very cute flapper.  behind them on the TV is a slideshow of all the other halloweens; way back there is aunt sandy, who wasn’t here this year either.

garrick and janice, bacon and egg!  perfect costumes.

here’s katy perry with FREDDY MERCURY, her mom, meg.  really, really funny, complete with chest hair.

some of the food, including the platters of chocolate zombie eyeballs.  there were a lot of them left over, a very good thing.  i might have one more in a minute.

brothers at heart.

doc with his lovely girlfriend kim and his son noah.

jim and gloria, very coordinated.

ron and ricky…ricky’s scary mask was great.

such fine-looking brothers-in-law.

i couldn’t stop taking pictures of amy and jim.  SO FUNNY!

a charming family photo; clearly, freddy and katy are supporting their hillbilly relatives.

we had at least three witches this year.  mom, mary patton, who was an EVIL MATH WITCH, and lovely donna.  i noticed that nobody has figured out the math problem yet.

many more people, many more costumes, later.

ok then,

mrs. almost the end of october hughes.