first, here’s the daily quote from the Mutts comic that kevin sends me every morning.  a really good quote.

Daily Quote

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.

Albert Einstein

And here’s an example of one of those darling animals – amy took this picture of him while we were gone.

two of our three kitties, enjoying a sunbeam.

0k, my final photos of West Baden – we got up and went to breakfast in the vast and lovely dining room, the only people in the place.

afterwards, i had to go back into the splendid bathroom, and noticed these dazzling antique purses in cases that i’d missed on my first visit.

there were shops and different rooms all around the perimeter of the atrium, but the shops had been closed the day before.  we went into them, and they were filled with cool things.  and then there was a game room, with a pool table and a huge chess set.

and, of course, some beautiful furniture.

just one of the interesting things hanging on the walls everywhere.

this is how the top piece of the atrium looked in the daylight.

we left by noon, a brief bu happy trip.

of course we bought some souvenirs!

a good time was had by all.  it’d be nice to go back in the summer, when we could walk all around the place, so i guess i’ll have to start saving some serious money to go back.

i hope your thursday is a good one!

ok then,

mrs. morning hughes.