so we have this NOAA weather radio and it’s very cool because all of a sudden it will BEEP very very loudly and then we’ll get the OFFICIAL WEATHER WARNING.  friday night it kept going off about every 10 minutes, no exaggeration.  the tornado sirens also went off a few times, and this was kind of unnerving.

all the time i’ve lived here in springfield, we’ve had lots and lots of tornado warnings, and this means you must GO TO THE BASEMENT.

well, now we don’t have a basement.  but it was never a big deal because we never had an actual tornado.  until two years ago when WE HAD A TORNADO, and it took the roof off a house right here in westchester, not that far from our house.

it was astounding to see the destruction caused by the tornado that came through so quickly.  yeah yeah yeah, you see photos of destruction all the time, but it’s quite different when it’s right here.

so now when the NOAA weather radio goes off, i feel a little jumpy.  it’s going off again tonight, but just for severe thunderstorms.  it’s lightning right now, as a matter of fact, and i should put the car in the garage because maybe there will be hail.

perhaps after that i’ll go to bed, but first i’ll turn off the NOAA weather radio because otherwise it’ll go off a bunch more times and that will definitely wake me up.  and if there IS a tornado, the sirens will go off…

but of course, then what do we go?  we could grab the kitties and the dog and go sit in the bathroom that has no windows.


monday night grace, although it feels like the entire week has already happened.