i checked my e-mail, feeling that maybe it’s for the last time because who knows when the internet will be working at our new house; it’s just like all my stuff that i put in boxes and then i feel that i’ll never see any of it again.

christine wrote to me.  on thursday evening i called her and just sang a little song i made up when pushing her number on the speed-dial on my cell phone (OF COURSE IT’S NOT SPEED DIAL but i can’t think of the term for it on a cell phone right now because i’m still actually fast asleep enjoying my weekend).  i can’t remember exactly how the song went, except it was something like “bagels and doughnut, bagels and doughnuts…” i can’t remember anything else about it.  it was about the fact that every friday morning they get FREE BAGELS AND DOUGHNUTS there at standard & poor’s where christine works.  i’ve become entranced with the whole b&d fridays, and have wished i could work at a real job where i’d get a free bagel or doughnut but i’d only want to work there on friday mornings.  and just go in and get my free B or D and then leave.

anyway, so i’ve written about the DEEP CONTROVERSY i seemed to have caused because of my cheerful barack obama video.  it seems that i’ve stirred up yet another broohaha over my simple little song that i can’t even remember.

here’s christine’s e-mail (is it ok if i put this up here christine?  i knew you’d say yes):

So your bagels and donuts song is a huge hit here at S&P. I’ve played it for everyone around me and they all laughed and asked about you. One person even suggested that we play it over the intercom for the entire building (there are maybe 300 employees in this location).
So I went to talk to the facilities manager. His name is Marty. He’s super nice and comes around now and then to chat. Anyhoo, I played it for him and he had the usual reaction and I suggested we play it over the PA next Thursday and YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE the stories that little suggestion prompted.
Bagels and donuts can be very controversial. Apparently, there are a few divisions of McGraw-Hill (which owns S&P) in this location that technically aren’t allowed to have the donuts. They’re purchased by S&P for S&P employees only. There are people who complain to Marty regularly about people they don’t recognize eating the donuts. These are people in relatively high positions even. And they whine about non-S&P employees taking the “best ones”. OMG, I had no idea. And here’s the thing: my little group is S&P but nobody knows that. The rest of our group is in NY so we don’t actually interact work-wise with any of the other S&P employees here in Denver. I’m sure that these petty complainers feel I’M STEALING THEIR DONUTS.
And I will continue to steal their donuts. Because they’re delightful.
ok, i guess i’m not actually stirring up the controversy, the SERIOUS DOUGHNUT AND BAGEL CONTROVERSY is already there at standard & poors.  it’s a good thing they won’t play the song over the intercom because it would SURELY CAUSE PEOPLE TO RIOT.
why can’t people just relax and be happy?
ok then,
saturday morning grace.