but how can i, when kevin is hard at work still, trying to alter the foils so they work for me?

we went to meier. they did have white knickers.

at first we couldn’t find them. they were way in the back, along with the baseball bats and gloves and stuff like that.

we couldn’t find the knickers because they were IN BOXES.

a box of knickers.

we took a pair out of the box. they looked tiny. we trudged to the front of the store where the women’s dressing room was.

it was locked up for the night.

you can shop all night at meier, but don’t try to try on any clothes.

they wouldn’t have fit anyway.

instead we bought some white athletic kind of pants, long ones, in the women’s dept., and i tried them on when we got home and they don’t look bad.

except they’re not white knickers.

maybe they won’t care.

but if they do, then I WON’T HAVE TO FENCE AFTER ALL.

i wish kevin would just stop trying to fix the foils.

today he said he was well-rested, feeling great, for a change.

i told him that by agreeing to fence, i’m going to ruin it for him because he’s going to stay up late trying to fix the foils.

i’m very very overly-tired right now.

but no sleep for me, not yet.


such a saturday night i’m having.