today, kevin and i are going to st. louis with our friends wayne and aggie to the st. louis cardinals OPENING GAME at their new stadium.  i guess maybe the stadium isn’t that new; i know it was open last year, and maybe the year before that, and it could have been opened for three or four years for all i know.

who are they playing, you may ask.  well…i don’t know.  i don’t feel like taking the necessary three seconds to look it up online right here, either.  they’ll be playing another baseball team, and there will be a few poor souls who are fans of that other team, but i’m sure the place will be packed with DIE-HARD FANS.

which i’m not one of.  as you may have guessed.

my grandmother, she was a HUGE fan.  she lived to be 91, and she didn’t do a lot, at least when i knew her, but she did sit in her big white chair and watch a game on TV and listened to another one on the radio at the same time.

my friend Alison was also a huge fan.  i miss her a lot.

so anyway, it should be fun and hopefully not too chilly.

now see, if i twittered, i could tweet to you during the game!  once again, though, that would involved all kinds of doing computer things this morning and i’m not prepared, plus i continue to resist the ever-encroaching technology that encroaches from all directions with a neverending onslaught of stuff that take up TOO MUCH TIME.  because also, i believe i wrote about the fact that we went to a ballet gala and i COULD NOT STOP TEXTING MY SISTER, which was just ridiculous, so i’m sure that if i started tweeting i WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO STOP.

last sunday gerrick and janice invited me to go to the RV show at the convention center.  kevin was busy cowboy shooting.  it was fun, and there were MANY MANY rvs and campers and all kinds of crazy expensive vehicles there that you could sleep in.

this was my hands-down favorite; it’s called a Teardrop Trailer, and the guy who owns this one made it for a measly $1,000!  he and his wife have driven it all around the country, and they had a map highlighting the places they’ve been, and he was very friendly and i’m flummoxed as to why i didn’t barrage him with questions, like i usually do.  maybe because this is the first thing we saw, and i was afraid that if i started talking we’d be there for the rest of our lives because the place was CRAMMED with all the vehicles.

isn’t it cute???!!!  it’s so small and lightweight that you can tow it behind a car; the couple had their also cute volkswagen bug parked in front of it.  they weren’t selling the teardrop; it was just on display.  but why?  why didn’t i ask?

as you cvan see, there’s a double bed inside, but that’s it.  there’s a shelf and a few cabinets above the bed for storage.  the sign on the window says it’s air-conditioned.

the back part pops up, and you can do your cooking here.  like i said, so cute, but what if the weather is bad?   your only option would be to put down the back and lie in the bed.  you definitely couldn’t take a dog with you, at least not a mollie-sized dog.

i love the fact that it’s so small and cute, and wouldn’t effect your gas mileage so much.  mostly all the other vehicles were such huge, huge gas guzzlers that they seem a little obscene to me.

this particular RV was the most expensive one we went inside, and i’m thinking it had to be the priciest one there…it was $260,000!!!!  my photos don’t do it justice, but there were so many people coming through that it was hard to get a couple of quick photos.  this is one side of the front…

…and this is the opposite side.  just in back of the cabinets was a half-bath, and across from that, a stacked washer and dryer.  beyond that, a bedroom, and in the very back was a very, very huge full bath with a tub.  plenty of these things had tubs.  this was an rv that you drive; many of them were pull-behinds.  crazy.  CRAZY.  it cost seven bucks to get into the show, so i think that weeded out most of the random gawkers (except for us), and gerrick mentioned that he’d bought a new popup and inevitably the other people would say “we started out with one of those.”  he also commented how he wouldn’t have to drive one of these behemoths, and they always said “oh, it’s as easy as can be.”

we went into a few conversion vans, and they were MERCEDES, with buttery soft leather seats and everything you could think of crammed into a small space…but they were just way too small.

it was fun to look, though.

more random things – numie and noodle came to visit and i captured them (not literally, cause they can’t be captured) with my new camera phone.

yesterday they came over to help amy cut kevin’s hair, and then they were anxious to swarm all over him.  i wish i had a better picture of his great haircut…maybe today when we’re at the game, whooping it up.

there were more deer crowded around the feeder than usual…they usually take turns.

there have been lots of white pelicans flying around, and i looked out yesterday and one was fairly close by.

he wasn’t really that close, but i zoomed in on him…

and even though he was far away, i think he was still too close for his comfort, so he flew off.

he just flew to the other shore, where a fishing boat was whizzing by.

kevin took this picture of winnie, keeping his eye out on a squirrel.

and that’s all for now cause i have to GET READY TO GO TO THE GAME!  WHOO HOO!

ok then,

mrs. baseball hughes.