here’s mollie, on sunday.  she sleeps a lot because she’s on drugs, but of course she sleeps a lot anyway.  she was especially exhausted by all the birthday partying.

on sunday there was a different kind of woodpecker outside, but kevin wasn’t quick enough to get a photo.  he took this great one of one of our regulars, instead.  i know this guy is saying WHERE THE HELL IS THE SEED IN THE CHIMNEY?  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU SLACKERS?  I’M STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!

The squirrel, too, wanted some food, real real bad.

winnie was chilling in the hot tub room.  there wasn’t a very great danger of drowning risk for him at this point.

today, the geese are marching all over the yard as usual.


mollie is doing better every day; her tail still isn’t all the way up and wagging hard, but she’s much happier.  today on our walk we had to convince her to stop digging, and trying to get her not to run was sometimes a little bit challenging.

she also wanted to clean up all the goose poop in the yard.  i tried to discourage that.


mrs. crazy.