Mostly Riley in October

by grace on October 31, 2020

First, to clarify – my last post had a photo of Kevin on the sailboat wearing a lovely lavender t-shirt from bev and wrote that she got it for bowling. yesterday she informed me that she’d bought a bunch of them for a line-dancing performance she did last September, and had given Kevin and me matching lavender t shirts and we wore them last year when we went to Glacier. It’s nice that bev helps me remember things.

She used to be busy with many activities like line dancing, tap dancing, choir, a bowling league plus other group activities and now she’s not doing any of that. She must miss her activities, and that also suddenly makes me realize that i didn’t have any extracurricular activities at all. maybe when things get back to normal i should try to find one.

or maybe not. i guess I enjoy being a loner, spending my time with kevin and the kitties and the projects around the house that i do or do not get to.

anyway, here’s a photo of the two freshly-painted red doors at the front of the house.

I’m happy i finished that and don’t know why it took so long.

Here’s Riley on October 5th, deep in thought.

And on October 12th he tries to rest.

the next day was like a photo shoot of Riley Riley Riley with a few posed with Kevin, and i know this is a lot of pictures but i really whittled the number down, i promise.

he’s just so happy! they both are…

so deep in thought, kind of like Buddha.

He finally got tired of gazing out at the water and here’s another kangaroo impression.

Finally he relaxed after his busy day.

I have more October photos but i’ll save those for later. but here’s Lovey yesterday, October 30th, posing for me instead of running away. she’s getting more and more used to me, and in a year or two maybe she’ll let me pet her. Meanwhile she’s pretty content and is filling out. It’s funny, all the other cats love going in the fenced yard (and Riley and Les Paul are always frantic to go for a walk beyond the fence) but Lovey is the only one who has no desire to step foot outside. She knows she has a good thing and maybe she’s afraid that if she went out she wouldn’t get back in again.

And that’s it for this Halloween morning. The other night the weather woman on tv talked about how we had two inches of snow last halloween and that this halloween is going to be “so much better.” hmm, yes it’s better weather-wise but not so much due to the global pandemic that continues to escalate and all.

but it is, indeed, a sunny day and i’m going for a run.

ok then,


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