the loud woman and friend, after they asked me to take their picture for them. the loud one was very religious. she told the other one some long story about meeting some guy and she said, “are you christian?” and he was, and that made her very happy. i knew they’d leave. the family left, too, i don’t even remember when. sometimes i do that; i just forget about what’s going on around me. i mean, they must have made some noise leaving, they didn’t just skulk off, and there were quite a few of them, but really, i can’t remember their departure. brain cells, disappearing as i sit here.

i’ve been DELETING like crazy, and if you’ve ever looked at the archives, you’ll notice that the archives from the beginning, last april, till november, are gone. soon they will be back, but they will be IMPERMEABLE to the evil evil bastard commenters who plague me.

and who knows, maybe i’ll be able to have actual real comments on here again someday. what do you think, christine? because as i was deleting, i noticed some of the old comments and it was fun to read them. making it more of a give and take type thing, instead of me just randomly typing and nobody being able to comment anymore except for e-mail me directly.

today i got an e-mail from Wil Maring herself, the very talented woman who i wrote about in June. she and her band Shady Mix performed down at Shaw’s Garden in St. Louis, and they’re fabulous, and she found my website because i wrote about her. I just looked at her website, and am highly entertained that it’s in english AND german, very bilingual of them.

i love to read those german words; the sight of them just makes me laugh. also the thought of trying to pronounce them. like their listing: Band Geschichte. band history. looks like geshundheit, doesn’t it?

here’s the shady mix website, in case you want to order some of their great music:

shady mix!

and here’s one more quick thing before i go; B. (Bobby Bob) sent this to me, and it’s very funny. except i think that it’s pretty simple about seats in heaven – everybody would somehow have a perfect front row seat. because it’s heaven, right, and anything is possible?

rock and roll heaven

ok then.

grace energized from DELETION.