Marley continues to flourish even though she’s quarantined to her bedroom because of the wild cat Pumpkin. Well, he’s not so wild now, as a matter of fact, right now as I type he’s stretched out on the chair opposite me, sleeping peacefully as Sweetie is nestled on top of the kitty tower. Things are calm around here quite a bit of the time, and it’s usually only when we’re trying to watch TV at night that everybody gets a little riled up.

Speaking of Pumpkin…he hasn’t done this again, but I thought it very very funny that he was lying on these two chairs but hanging off in the middle. He doesn’t look very comfortable.

Ok, this proves that I don’t just sit around playing a game on my ipad all the livelong day. I painted this panel and another one to put on our giant cat house on the porch, which I’ve painted to look like Dr. Who’s spaceship, called the Tardis.

It took some time to do the painting. Kevin found the correct font for the letters online but I couldn’t find any stencils that looked right so I bought some blank stencils at Wal-art, but then quickly realized that it’d be impossible to actually cut them out because my knife was too dull. So instead I printed out the letters and used them to trace them onto the boards and then painted them in. I was pleased with the results, and then Kevin found a couple of other critical pieces for the tardis on Etsy, including a light for the top and the round sticker which is affixed to the side. It reads “St. John Ambulance.” I created the other notice on the left side of the box by copying all the words and printing it out then laminating it.

This is that Dr. Who’s spacecraft looks like in real life.

And here it is on our front porch.

So far nobody has come over who knows what it is. We have a miniature tardis replica nightlight plugged into an outlet in the kitchen and whenever anybody comes over I have to pull out the light and show it to them. Of course people are polite and act like they think it’s neat but also of course they don’t know what it is. Someday, somebody will arrive who gets it. Meanwhile, the outdoor cats are happy to have someplace warm but I’m afraid they also don’t care if it’s painted or not.

Here’s the moon over the water in October.

When I went over to Mom’s, these two deer looked like they wanted to come right inside.

We had a very small gathering for our Oct. 15th weenie roast. I think the weather must have been just about perfect for the occasion.

And here’s Lester and Pumpkin, lazing in a sunbeam.

ok then,

Mrs. H.