and i’m NOT going to get up early tomorrow, because it’s much cooler, and i’m sure that whatever time i roll out of bed, it will be plenty cool enough for all the exercise, plus the making of the cake for a birthday celebration – my brother-in-law jim’s b’day was a couple of weeks ago, and randy’s b’day was thursday, and so we’re celebrating both together. the festivities promise to include badminton and croquet, i just found this out, and i’m very excited because i’m kind of not so bad at BOTH of these sports. wait, if we just include one more thing – frisbee, perhaps – we could make it a very grace-friendly triathlon! and then we can just say, screw the swimbikerun altogether!

i like badminton a lot because instead of a ball it’s just a lightweight…what is it? that birdie thing…a shuttlecock? perhaps i’m just making that up. anyway, there’s no danger of getting hurt in badminton, unless i trip over my own feet, which is of course always a possibility. we’re also going to play the board game cranium, which is quite a lot of fun, i highly recommend it as a highly fun game.

here’s a funny thing somebody sent me about a friend of his who did the Most Serious Of All Triathlon, the Ironman, in Hawaii: “a friend of mine did the Ironman Hawaii Triathlon and told me that, after swimming 2 miles or whatever ridiculous distance it is in the ocean, he biked in 100 degree heat on asphalt, beside lava fields, and at around 100 miles he was seriously hoping and praying to hit a rock, get hit by another bike or car, fade into unconsciousness, whatever–any means to get out of his torture without actually quitting. (He did eventually finish.)”

this makes me feel good, knowing that Very Serious Hardcore Athletes also struggle with the sheer ridiculousness of being in something like a triathlon anyway.

muni tonight – it was wonderful. ironic, though – if you read about my trip to st. louis a couple of nights ago, you might recall that i was ACTUALLY IN HELL on the bus to and from the concert because the air conditioning wasn’t working and there were lots of people and my personal space was way invaded and it WAS hell, i promise.

so tonight, the weather got cooler and cooler – and suddenly i was FREEZING. but it was ok, because the show was so darn good. everybody was great. somebody said there are sixty one people in it, which sure is a whole lot of people. just moving them about on the stage would take a great deal of planning and effort.

I’ve never seen Ragtime, and it was a delightful surprise. Mary Jo Curry had the lead female part, and although sometimes i wish i was her, i don’t really want to be her, but i just want her voice. even just for one day, or one performance, i can’t even imagine what it would be like to open your mouth and have all that beautiful glorious music come tumbling out. i’m not entirely clear why she’s not on Broadway, but on the other hand, it would be nice to know you could waltz into any audition around here and get the part without even trying, and then of course she gets to sing all the splendid stuff in the actual performances.

the last time i saw her was last fall in “sunday in the park with george,” and i liked this play much better. i noticed that she wore some very high-heeled old-fashioned looking white boots in Sunday in the P with G, and she had them on again in this play. she’s going to be in “jekyll and hyde” in the fall, and i wonder if she’ll wear them again, or maybe she’ll dye them black. I don’t know anything about J&H, except i suspect it will be a very dark kind of musical, so that’s why maybe the boots will have to be painted.

here’s something i observed at the muni tonight, something i have never witnessed before in my whole life – there was a MUCH longer line for the men’s bathroom than the women’s. i can’t imagine how this happened. they had some porta potties set up outside for the women, in addition to the regular bathroom, but it still doesn’t explain the ridiculously long line for the men’s room. maybe women have just gotten smarter and faster after all these decades of waiting and waiting in line. i keep reading that if women didn’t spend so much time in front of the mirror, putting on makeup, doing our hair, all that other crap we have to do each and every day, we could take over the world, or at least have a bigger influence and make it a better place. instead of frittering away our time applying various products to our hair.

but i think that the amount of time we have to wait in line for the bathroom is even worse, i know that i, personally, have spent about four years of my life in line at bathrooms.

how did we get on this topic anyway? i saw my friend JL a the play tonight and we were talking about the lines to the bathrooms, and i told him that my only problem with going to europe is that i had a horrible time even finding a bathroom when i was there, and that next time, i’m not going to drink anything at all the whole time. he pointed out the very good and cheap wine they have in france, though, and i agreed with him, so i don’t know how to solve the issue. not that i’m going to france any time soon, but i have been doing a great deal of thinking about travel and other things i want to do, and i’m starting to make plans, because i can’t just sit around hoping things will happen.

change is in the air, did i mention that? yep, all over the place. change is good.

one of my massage clients has started reading this and now he worries that i’m going to move away any day, and then he’ll be left without the massages. i keep assuring him that i’m not about to move out of town any time soon…or at least not tonight. but change, change is good. that’s one of those things they always tell you, anyway, and although i’m usually kicking and screaming my way through whatever change it is that comes my way, i usually do make it over to the other side.

tonight at the muni i saw at least four people who were in “the music man” with me at the muni, the first show i was in there, when i was 11 years old. and i saw some kids of people who were in it. and then i saw a few people who were in “a chorus line” at the theater centre about 20 years ago, and i thought that we could have at least a couple of reunions. except that i didn’t even talk to any of the people at all; it was mostly because i was too far away, but also because sometimes i try to avoid the talking with other human beings thing. not that’s there’s anything wrong with other human beings, but sometimes i’m just not feeling so sociable.

ok, i must sleep now,

grace glad that i have absolutely nothing in any way taxing planned for tomorrow except for swimming which isn’t really taxing as much as tiring and i can take TWO naps if i feel like it.