i started the new harry potter…and quickly realized that i didn’t remember most of the 5th book. at first i thought maybe this didn’t matter, and i guess it doesn’t, really, but i started skimming the 5th book, and decided i wanted to re-read it before starting in on number six. i think this is a good plan, because i know that when i finally start and then finish number six, i’ll be all WHERE’S NUMBER SEVEN? and then the wait for it will be intermitable.

number 5 is good, but so very very dark.

last night i wasted my entire evening trying to fix dad’s computer, which continues to be very very bad. it’s ridiculous that i’d even be trying to fix it, because i don’t know much of anyting about fixing computers. he had many insidious icons all over his desktop. he’d tried to get rid of them before, but they kept coming back. i figured i’d gotten rid of all of them, and then THEY CAME BACK. i was so mad that i’d wasted an entire night, and i wrote to B. (Billy Roy), telling him of my frustration. i didn’t want to go online here to try to write anything, because of course my computer is also doing horrible things, like taking forever for a program to appear, and then when it does, it doesn’t work.

i don’t want to give him a swelled head or anything, but B. can be an angel sometimes. this morning he sent me a text message (on my phone, which continues to function even though it’s quite ancient and i drop it almost constantly), saying that a computer expert genius guy in his office is going to look at both computers.

so i dropped them off at his office today, and now i’m COMPUTER FREE. it’s kind of a liberating feeling.

i don’t know how long it will take, maybe a couple of days. i can always write things here at the hospital, but usually i have a lot more to say late at night, so you might not hear much from me for the next few days. plus, i’m going to davenport on friday to be in the Bix 7, the seven mile race that involves lots of hills. this morning i ran for 70 minutes, but it wasn’t so hilly, but i’m hoping i’ll do ok in the race anyway. i know there will be snacks at the end, anyway…last year there were twinkies, but i was so hot and horribly exhausted and my legs were killing me that i couldn’t thoroughly enjoy the twinkies.

ok then,

grace feeling much lighter, computer-free for now.