these are from the 13th and 14th…

here, an historic moment as chester SLEPT IN MY LAP.  for more than 5 minutes.

and this is dinner time with the kitties, all crowded up on the counter so they’ll become friendly towards each other.  so far they are friendly, but only when they’re eating.  winnie and chester continue to growl and hiss at each other, but i don’t think there are many skirmishes any more.

i was sitting at the dining room table taking a break from painting, eating lunch, when lester leapt up on the table.  i yelled at him, so he slunked around the table and hid behind the poinstettia.  WHICH IS ON THE TABLE.  he kept peeking out at me.  a very very sneaky kitty.

i think i only have an hour or so left of painting, YAY!

many more photos soon, then, hopefully.

except it’s almost fifty outside today so we’ll have to go for a long walk when i’m done.

ok then,

mrs. thursday already hughes.