why are hey doing that?  what if the 114th is marching in RIGHT NOW?

or maybe they’ve decided that the men with the big guns are just too risky, and they’re all sequestered in a room somewhere.

or they’re drinking at the bar.

that’s another thing; in the paper today it said that people should get there by 3:30 to pick up their tickets (why didn’t they mail them anyway), and if they do that, they should just stay there till the thing started.

so what were they going to do for all that time?  was everybody going to go drink at the bar?

so will it be a crazy drunken festival?

no, don’t be silly.

dad just called, not happy at all because he dropped off my uncle jimmy and his wife at the abraham lincoln museum because they went to the historical ball.  he tried to get home and all the roads were closed.

so much excitement going on all around.  except for here.