are you kidding me, august already??!!

by grace on August 5, 2018

the summer roars by, nothing to stop it…we had a lovely reprieve from the hot heat, but it’s back to feeling like august again, but at least it’s happening now in the correct month, not like the sweltering time we had in june…

so many boats continue to be out on the water, even though it seems it’d be awfully hot out there, especially because so few of them have any kind of canopy to block the sun.  sun-worshippers, I guess.

meanwhile…the other day I saw riley kneading and pulling on this pillow, the exact same thing that chester used to do.  how very funny.  riley is a unique and funny little cat anyway.  he just came over and meowed at me, maybe because he knew I was writing about him.  he doesn’t usually say much.

kevin, mom and I were out on the lake on july 18th, and I wanted to go past the marina an up towards chatham.  but after we passed the marina we encountered this group of people on paddleboards.  we were surprised to see so many of them, and we settled back in a cove to watch.

they paddled past us and then they all stopped and started doing yoga moves!  mysterious.  we figured it must be some kind of organization or class or something?  I thought it looked awesome and we saw them getting out of the water when we headed back past the marina.  kevin suggested that I ask them what it was about, but I didn’t.

but when get got home we looked it up online, and it’s a class by Aaaah yoga.  you learn to paddle board for a bit, and then you do yoga!  how awesome is that?  there’s a class starting in a week or so, and i’d better remember to sign up if i’m really going to do it.  it’s only four weeks, and looks like something so different and fun.

the front garden looks colorful in part because of these bright flowers that migrated over from amy’s house.  the purple ones in the rear – I can’t remember planting them, but I probably did?

I went for a run on july 21st and for some reason decided to stop to take pictures of all the deer I saw that day.  I almost always see at least one.

this tiny guy was hiding in the soybeans.

I think there were even more deer here than these four.

as I headed towards home I spotted this antlered deer, a much more rare sighting.

kevin bought two more giant chickens!  well, one more giant one and a cute smaller one, now they’re a family.  I love the chickens.

plus, the fair starts Thursday, more fun and excitement ahead…

ok then,

I do hope it cools down a little soon hughes.



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