yeah, a mighty chilly april.  I’ve either been busy working or sitting around waiting for spring to actually arrive.

riley is doing his best to adjust to life-at-breakneck-speed that we have around here.  I love how his paw is dangling down like that; he hasn’t done that since.

Winnie has had his ups and downs, and last night I was afraid it was near the end.  maybe it is?  but today he’s been eating a lot and seems more cheery. this is from april 8th, and maybe he’s about the same?

the morning of april 9th, more snow.   riley hadn’t experienced it before, and he was intrigued.

the same morning; I like having this photo to document the fact that somebody actually sat on the floor-to-ceiling kitty tower.  yeah, it does seem like a waste of money.  maybe we’ll take it down soon.  I got it so riley would scratch on it instead of the couch, plus they could hop from level to level.

but no hopping around here.  and riley much prefers the tasty back of the couch to scratch away on.

we do our best to make les feel loved…

as I was trying to put stuff into a backpack, les felt that it was a perfect napping spot.

ok, I haven’t ordered any big scoops of mulch yet, haven’t done much of anything, yard-wise…but this giant black tube has got to go.  kevin says he bought a smaller tube and is going to bury it.  so we’ll see about his progress.  it makes me a bit crazy to think of how many times I’ve dug up and then re-planted hostas back there and how it looked pretty good last summer…but this big tube was skirting along the side of the house, not very visible, but then water came into the basement, as it does.

I took this on april 12th and already the hostas are coming up, as well as the lilies I transplanted last year, and the ferns…soon it will be very challenging to bury the tube because the place will be covered with plants.

and speaking of plants…I saw this at our vet’s office, and was astounded that it’s a real live plant, not fake.  now, looking at it again, I bet it’s some kind of lily, but so incredibly vibrant I wonder if you can grow them around here.

and here are some poor little hostas outside the fence, which have been nibbled on by the deer.  these particular hostas are really close to the house and soon the deer will be inviting themselves inside.

the kitties being sweet to each other for one fleeting moment…

…followed, of course, by ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

I took this on Saturday.  no new mulch yet.  soon, though, I promise…there’s so much to be done, and i’m not inspired.  hopefully warmer weather will make me wanna get out and do stuff.  actually, on Friday afternoon it was pretty nice outside and I decided to pick up a few leaves near the walk.  I was wearing my slippers, and soon I was tromping all over the garden in my slippers, scooping up the leaves.  I did wear gloves, at least, but slippers?  very very close to a crazy old gardening lady, clearly.  maybe already there.

but then wait – I took this picture at the end of last march, and the garden looked just about the same.  it’s a very very late spring.


one final photo in april – yesterday we had people over for dinner and I suddenly decided I needed to do some cleaning.  once a year, at least.  I took this to show that at least once a year things can be shiny and dusted.

ok then,